How to Conceal Your Internet Activities

When using the internet to access sites for information about woman abuse from your computer, your abuser could find out what sites you have visited.

The Internet browser records history of the web sites you have visited, and if your abuser were to check the internet browser history, your safety could be jeopardized. Here are some things you can do to hide your Internet activities. If possible, access information on the Internet from a friend's house, your workplace, at the library or Internet cafe.

To conceal your Internet activities you need to clear the computer's memory of the most recent pages you have accessed on the Internet. This memory is the browser's cache. By emptying your computer's cache, the sites visited will be deleted. After you have cleared the browser's cache, it is a good idea to access sites on other subjects such as health, children, schools, government, or entertainment to disguise the real intent of your web searches.

If you are using Internet Explorer:

  1. Pull down the Tools menu
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Choose the General tab, under Temporary Internet Files
  4. Click on "Delete Files", Under History, click on "Clear History" then click "OK".

If you are using Netscape:

  1. Pull down the Edit menu
  2. Select "Preferences"
  3. Under Navigator, click on the "Clear History" button
  4. Then double click on Advanced, select Cache
  5. Click on "Clear Disk Cache"

If you are using AOL:

  1. Pull down My AOL
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Click on the WWW icon under Temporary Internet Files
  4. Click on "Delete Files", Under History, click on "Clear History"

If you are using Mozilla Firefox:

  1. From the toolbar at the top of the page select "Tools"
  2. Then click on "Options" and click on "Privacy"
  3. Under the history tab, click on "Clear Browsing History‚Ä?/li>
  4. Under the Cookies tab, click on "Clear Cookies"

If you are not sure which browser you are using, pull down the Help menu, and click on about and this will tell you.

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